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Come to the "Nerdy" side

Join the Nerd Bus & explore great packages

Join where all the deals and "nerdy" magic happens! By joining The Nerd Loyalty Club, NERDS can explore the flexibility and choose from various IV Treatments to feel better NOW! Joining The Nerd Loyalty Club allows NERDS to enjoy 15% OFF ANY IV Treatment (1 IV Treatment per Nerd weekly) PLUS enjoy 10% OFF ANY ADD ONS (if requested). The BEST part is you can share your IV Treatments with family and friends! The IV Nerd charges a Monthly price of $59.00

HEY GEEKS! The Geek Squad Package is an amazing deal with many advantages and choices! With the The Geek Squad Package, Nerds purchase 3 IV Treatments now and get the 4th IV Treatment for FREE! PLUS, the first 3 IV Treatments purchased, Nerds get 20% off TOTAL at CHECKOUT PLUS 1 FREE ADD ON per IV Treatment! Don't pass this up GEEK!

Can't get enough of the IV NERD?!?! The Super Freak Deal comes in many shapes and forms of deals, deals, and deals! With the Super Freak Deal, NERDS purchase 5 IV Treatments NOW and walk away a happy freaky camper! This Deal gives you 30% OFF Total at CHECKOUT PLUS 1 FREE ADD ON per IV Treatment! This is a no brainer! This deal could be for you, friends, family, and other nerds!

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